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Welcome to MilArm

Our mission is to provide an integrated line of products of unparalleled quality & value. We will support it with expertise, integrity & commitment to client satisfaction.

FOUNDERS – Sharon & Allan Kerr, circa 1863, after having just arrived out West by covered wagon from the distant
Tuxford, Saskatchewan area!!

While we might seem to have been around for more than a hundred years, we have only been serving our fellow shooters and hunters for half that time and celebrate 50 years and counting.

MilArm Co. Ltd. was founded by Sharon and Allan Kerr in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1963 and has made its home in Edmonton since 1967. 
Starting primarily as a trading place for collectors of militaria, it has grown into a full-scale retail/wholesale outlet. 

Our collecting specialty is military items with a personal emphasis by Allan and Sharon on Canadian Militaria. Our selection of Military Collectibles is amongst the largest in Canada with display items ranging from medals, books, firearms and uniforms from 1800 to current issue.

MilArm moved to their own building at 10769 - 99 Street NW in Edmonton on August 1, 1986. This move more than doubled the retail space to 4000 square feet and provided another 5000 square feet for warehouse, gunsmithing and offices. 
An additional 2000 square feet has been converted to military surplus goods. 
A 4000 square foot second story was constructed in 1999, to house the Canadian Militaria Preservation Society Museum. 
The museum is a "not for profit" society with a particular emphasis on preservation, display and education about Canada's rich military history. The display content is all Canadian and is acquired from around the world. 
Militaria on display includes firearms, swords, medals, uniforms, paper-goods and general militaria from 1812 to date, as well as displays about efforts aimed at civilians by or for the military during the war years. 
Throughout MilArm are additional displays of Canadian militaria.

Allan has general knowledge in all areas, limited knowledge on modern firearms, good knowledge on Canadian and British military firearms and militaria, and knows where to find other collectible information or who to contact for expert advice. After more than 40 years at the helm, we are pleased to report that Allan is finally getting some time to work on HIS passion, collecting, and spends a good portion of his day working in the museum on his displays.

Sharon has virtually retired from MilArm after devoting more than 35+ years to watching MilArm grow and flourish. We are pleased to report that the gardening and Grand-parenting are going very well.

PRESIDENT – R. Gordon McGowan

Gordon has been with MilArm for 23 years and counting, and is an accomplished target shooter, hunter and reloader. He has a strong focus on tactical shooting, pistol craft and precision shooting. As a life long learner, Gordon is engaged in an on-going program of instruction to achieve Instructor qualifications in pistol, tactical carbine, shotgun and precision rifle. Gordon oversees all facets of MilArms operations and works closely with brand managers and back office personnel to ensure our clients receive a superior shopping experience.

"I am a firm believer in relationship building and am immensely blessed to have the opportunity to meet and work with the best and brightest our industry has to offer. I am also extremely fortunate to have the best clientele, people who share their lives and aspirations with me and allow me to help them achieve those aspirations in my small way."
"Thank You"